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This health influence includes where you live, job opportunities, and the school you go to.
a) Social Environment b) Physical Environment c) Physical Health d) Heredity
Using your gifts, skills, and talents to gain purpose in this world is an example of?
a) Physical Health b) Occupational Health c) Emotional Health d) Mental Health
Being aware of the earth and what habits can positively or negatively affect it is?
a) Occupational Health b) Mental Health c) Physical Health d) Environmental Health
Reading a book, studying, and wanting to understand are examples of which wellness dimension?
a) Mental b) Social c) Environmental d) All of the above
What are examples of the emotional dimension?
a) Hugging a friend b) Crying after losing someone close to you c) Being empathetic d) All of the above
Who is the Health teacher that created this really cool quiz?
a) Mr. Bielema b) Mrs. Blunt c) Mrs. Landes d) Mr. Whitebread
How does the media influence what people believe or get factual information to society?
a) Newspapers b) TV c) Radio d) All of the above
This dimension is all about utilizing your strengths in order to be successful in life. For example; Alisha realized she had exceptional cooking skills , so she decided to go to culinary school after she graduated high school.
a) Spiritual b) Physical c) Occupational d) Social
Both of Tim's parents were on the honor roll in High School. Tim is also very smart just like his parents. What is the influence in this situation?
a) Technology b) Media c) Physical Environment d) Heredity
Jeremy has made a point to always try his hardest in Track. At the beginning of the season it took Jeremy 8 minutes to run a mile. By the end of the season, he could run the mile in 7 minutes. What influenced Jeremy?
a) Media b) Attitude c) Technoloy d) All of the above
Since Shelly received a chromebook for Christmas she has become inactive and has gained weight. This has negatively affected her physical dimension. How influenced her to become inactive?
a) Heredity b) Physical environment c) Technology d) All of the above
Viewing difficulties as challenging in order to increase understanding and learning.
a) Physical b) Mental c) Emotional d) Social
Practicing safe sex and avoiding drugs or alcohol is an example of which wellness dimension?
a) Physical b) Spiritual c) Social d) Occupational
Feeling at peace with yourself after meditating is an example of which wellness dimension?
a) Environmental b) Occupational c) Mental d) Spiritual
Recycling newspapers, glass, and aluminum cans are examples of which wellness dimension?
a) Physical b) Environmental c) Occupational d) Emotional
Being disease free by exercising daily is an example of which wellness dimension?
a) Emotional b) Spiritual c) Physical d) Environmental
Expressing feelings in a positive way is an example of which wellness dimension?
a) Social b) Physical c) Occupational d) Emotional
Interacting with people face to face, via email, Skype, texting, or snap chat are examples of which wellness dimension?
a) Social b) Physical c) Emotional d) Occupational
This health influence refers to beliefs, customs, and behaviors of a group?
a) Culture b) Behavior c) Attititude d) Physical Environment
This health influence includes your family and other people that you interact with daily.
a) Culture b) Media c) Technology d) Social Environment
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