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tells about characters, settings, and events that are like people, places and events in real life
a) context clues b) realistic fiction c) sequence d) plot
difficult to get or find
a) profit b) scarce c) loan d) wages
the order in which events happen in a story
a) plot b) setting c) characters d) sequence
to do well and become successful
a) wages b) prosper c) profit d) risk
to have enough money to pay for something
a) profit b) wages c) loan d) afford
the amount of money left after all business costs have been paid
a) prosper b) risk c) profit d) loan
money set aside for the future
a) loan b) afford c) wages d) savings
payments received for work done
a) loan b) risk c) wages d) savings
money borrowed
a) risk b) profit c) scarce d) loan
the chance of harm or loss
a) prosper b) risk c) profit d) loan
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