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a comparison between how much water vapor is in the air and how much the air could hold at a given temperature if it were full
a) relative humidity b) precipitation c) convection cell d) coriolis effect
the curving of the path of moving objects caused by Earth's rotation
a) wind b) sea breeze c) coriolis effect d) precipitation
a cloud that forms a blanket like layer
a) cumulus cloud b) cirrus cloud c) fog d) stratus cloud
a circular pattern of air rising, air sinking and wind
a) coriolis effect b) convection cell c) relative humidity d) cirrus cloud
a puffy cloud that appears to rise up from a flat bottom
a) cirrus cloud b) cumulus cloud c) stratus cloud d) fog
wind that blows from sea to land
a) wind b) sea breeze c) land breeze d) convection cell
a high altitude cloud with feather like shape, made of ice crystals
a) cirrus cloud b) cumulus cloud c) fog d) stratus cloud
a ground level cloud
a) stratus cloud b) cumulus cloud c) cirrus cloud d) fog
any form of water particles that fall from the atmosphere and reach the ground
a) relative humidity b) fog c) land breeze d) precipitation
air that moves horizontally
a) sea breeze b) land breeze c) wind d) precipitation
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