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What makes this Sunday so dreary?
a) the rain b) Mrs. Quimby makes them do Spring cleaning c) they all have homework d) they are all tired from being up all night
What do Mr. and Mrs. Quimby have to tell Ramona to do several times because she is day dreaming?
a) let the cat out b) clean her room c) go do her homework d) go play with Willa Jean
What is Beezus so upset about?
a) her friend can't come over to her house b) she doesn't want to wash her hair c) she can't go to the sleepover d) they make her clean her room
What is Mr. Quimby studying on Sunday?
a) art history b) how to draw a foot c) how to teach Math d) how children's minds work
Since Willa Jean has figured out Ramona was just reading a book to get out of playing what new game does she want to play?
a) beauty shop b) dress up c) Froggie and Ms. Mousie d) storytime
What does Mr. Quimby decide they will do to get in a better mood?
a) have the girls cook dinner b) go out to eat c) all watch television together d) not do any of their homework
What is Ramona's secret fear about Mr. Quimby's job?
a) he will not have a job anymore b) he will like it better than what he is going to college for c) he will get locked into the freezer d) the forklift will turn over with him
What does Ramona order to eat?
a) fish sticks b) hotdog c) chicken nuggets d) a hamburger
What unexpected thing happens at the restaurant?
a) their meal is payed for by a stranger b) their meal is payed for by the manager c) they decide they like eating at home better d) they find a bug in their food
What question does a man at the restaurant ask?
a) Have you been doing your homework? b) Have you been good to your mother? c) Have you been nice to your sister? d) Did you eat all your food?
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