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The part of an exercise program when the activity is performed at it's highest peak.
a) Warmup b) Cooldown c) Workout d) All of the above
The ability of heart, lungs, and blood vessels to utilize oxygen in the body during long periods of exercise.
a) Cardio respiratory edurance b) Muscular strength c) Overload d) None of the above
The F.I.T.T. principle stands for?
a) Forever, intense, trained, and titans b) Frequency, individuals, training, and type c) Frequency, intensity, time and type d) Frankly, individuals, training, and titans
Minor injuries require the RICE procedure, what does RICE stand for?
a) Rest, ice, compression, and elevate b) Rest, ice, control, and easy does it c) Run, itch, compression, and elevate d) Rarely, involve, compressions, and elevation
Risks of a sedentary lifestyle may include?
a) Lower blood pressure b) Strong bones c) Strong heart d) None of the above
What are the 3 basic principles necessary for an effective fitness program?
a) RHR, THR, and MHR b) Frequency, intensity, time, and type c) Progression, overload, and specificity d) Warmup, workout, and cooldown
Aerobic exercises include all of the following sports except?
a) Football b) Soccer c) Basketball d) Cross Country
Anaerobic exercises include all of the following sports except?
a) Baseball b) Softball c) Golf d) Track - 2 mile run
Body compostition can be tested by?
a) Underwater weighing b) Skinfold calipers c) None of the above d) Both of the above
Flexibility can be measured by?
a) Step up test b) Underwater weighing c) Mile run d) Sit and reach test
Cardiorespiratory endurance can be measured by?
a) 40 yard dash b) Step up test c) Vertical jump d) Bench pressing 250 pounds one time
Synthetic(man-made) substance that are similar to the male hormone testosterone which helps promote muscle mass and enhance performance?
a) RICE procedure b) Setting goals c) Anabolic steroids d) Muscular strength
A person needs to exercise in this zone to receive cardiovascular benefits?
a) Target heart rate b) Maximum heart rate c) Resting heart rate d) All of the above
This results from blows to the head and can cause selling of the brain, resulting in unconsciousness or loss of memory.
a) Tendonitis b) Dislocations c) Hypotermia d) Concussion
A gradual increase in overload necessary to achieve higher levels of fitness?
a) Osteoporosis b) Progression c) Anabolic steroids d) Muscle Cramp
A decrease in bone density causing weak or brittle bones?
a) Osteoporosis b) Progression c) Muscle Cramp d) Overexertion
Working the body harder than it is normally worked to increase muscular strength is known as what?
a) Progression b) Specificity c) Anabolic Steroids d) Overload
This is the pulse range in which a person can safely exercise while still achieving fitness benefits.
a) RHR b) MHR c) THR d) BHR
A way of life that includes very little physical activity.
a) Osteoporosis b) Metabolism c) Sedentary d) Progression
Metabolism means:
a) A process by which your body gets energy from food b) The amount of force a muscle can exert c) Taking in fluids so that the body functions properly d) Fragile bones
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