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vox, vocis - f.
a) voice b) youth c) body d) custom
mos maiorum
a) tradition, custom of one's ancestors b) greater good c) powerful d) eachm every
mos, moris - f.
a) custom; pl. – character b) mushroom c) youth d) love
iuvenis, iuvenis – m./f.
a) youth b) iambic c) body d) tradition
corpus, corporis – n.
a) body b) young c) voice d) cop
amor, amoris – m.
a) love b) ambrosia c) voice d) youth
adulescens, adulescentis – m./f.
a) youth b) voice c) adult d) body
verus, -a, -um
a) each, every; pl. – all b) powerful c) sad d) true
tristis, triste
a) each, every; pl. – all b) powerful c) sad d) true
potens, potentis
a) each, every; pl. – all b) powerful c) sad d) true
omnis, omne
a) each, every; pl. – all b) powerful c) sad d) true
difficilis, difficile
a) hard, difficult b) heavy, serious c) impossible d) notable, noble
nobilis, nobile
a) notable, noble b) notebook c) nothing d) notion
maior, maius
a) greater, larger, older; m. pl. – ancestors (substantive) b) major c) notable, famous d) each, every; all
pronuntio (1)
a) recite, report b) pronounce c) elect, choose; read d) preposition
fortis, forte
a) strong, brave b) each, every; all c) fortitude d) heavy, serious
celer, celeris, celere
a) fast, swift, quick b) difficult c) heavy, serious d) celery
ego, legere, legī, lectum
a) gather, choose; read b) legislate c) legit d) legwarmer
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