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How did Peter Parker get his powers?
a) He was struck by lightning b) He was bit by a spider c) He was born with them d) He was hit by a car
How does the Green Lantern get his powers?
a) A necklace b) A bracelet c) A ring d) A tie
Who is Superman's arch enemy?
a) Lex Luther b) Doc Oc c) Catwoman d) Doctor Doom
What is the Hulk's real name?
a) Bruce Jenner b) Bruce WIllis c) Bruce Banner d) Bruce Binger
What is Stan Lee famous for?
a) Creating DC Comics b) Creating Marvel Comics c) Creating Disney d) Creating Pixar
How many X-men movies are there?
a) 3 b) 11 c) 22 d) 6
Where does Batman live?
a) Metropolis b) Smallville c) Bloomingdale d) Gotham
Where was Superman born?
a) Mars b) Earth c) Krypton d) Superonium
Which of these Superheroes can't fly?
a) Ironman b) Superman c) Spiderman d) Hawkman
Who was the first superhero?
a) Penny Dreadful b) Zorro c) Superman d) The Green Hornet
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