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the amount of the sun's energy that reaches earth at any given time and place
a) atmosphere b) weather c) insolation d) humidity
the changing of gas into a liquid
a) water vapor b) humidity c) troposphere d) condensation
the layer of the atmosphere closest to earth's surface
a) troposphere b) atmosphere c) air pressure d) evaporation
the slow changing of liquid into a gas
a) weather b) barometer c) evaporation d) condensation
the blanket of gases that surrounds Earth
a) troposphere b) water vapor c) humidity d) atmosphere
a device used for measuring air pressure
a) barometer b) air pressure c) humidity d) condensation
what the lower atmosphere is like at any given place and time
a) atmosphere b) troposphere c) weather d) insolation
the force put on a given area by the weight of air above
a) humidity b) atmosphere c) evaporation d) air pressure
water in the form of a gas
a) water vapor b) weather c) barometer d) condensation
the amount of water vapor in the air
a) evaporation b) condensation c) humidity d) air pressure
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