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Do YOU or your FAMILY have any family traditions?
a) YES b) NO c) d)
a) YES b) NO c) d)
What CITY do we live in?
a) Louisville b) Clarksville c) d)
Name a HOLIDAY originated in the United States?
a) Fourth of July b) Halloween c) d)
Does the United States celebrate HOLIDAYS?
a) NO b) YES c) d)
Does EVERYONE HAVE TO celebrate these holidays?
a) YES b) NO c) d)
What does the word CULTURE mean?
a) Beliefs, practices, and characteristics of an area. b) The way an area lives in groups. c) d)
Where STATE do we live in?
a) Kentucky b) Florida c) d)
what does the word TRADITION mean?
a) Someone or someone's family doing the same thing one time. b) Someone or someone's family doing the same thing repeatedly over time. c) d)
What does the word HERITAGE mean?
a) Something that is handed down from the past. b) Something that is from the future and is passed down. c) d)
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