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________________________ is a Muslim place of worship.
a) Mosque b) Cathedral c) Synagogue d) Pagoda
A _____________________________is a set of written laws that apply to everyone under a government.
a) Ten Commandments b) code of law c) regulations d) legal mandate
Greek city-states were built on a large hills known as an ____________________________.
a) acropolis b) steppe c) agora d) pampas
A terrible disease that spreads quickly is called a ___________________________________.
a) virus b) plague c) consumption d) infection
A series of rulers from the same family is referred to as a ________________________________.
a) democracy b) dictatorship c) dynasty d) demographics
The Romans built these structures to bring fresh water into cities.
a) columns b) circuses c) stadiums d) aqueducts
A mild climate is called _________________________________.
a) ozone b) temperate c) arid d) barometric pressure
Kind of government headed by one ruler is called a ____________________________.
a) monarchy b) democracy c) oligarchy d) theocracy
_________________________ is the way a country's people manage money and resources for the production of goods and services.
a) portfolio b) import-export c) taxation d) economy
The Ancient Greeks planted olives and grapes because they grow well _______________________________.
a) on peninsulas b) in rocky soil c) at the edge of the sea d) in river deltas
Egyptians made paper out of a reed-like plant called__________________________________.
a) matrix b) carpus c) papyrus d) cataract
________________________is a long period of dry weather.
a) drought b) tempest c) cyclone d) precipitation
The religion of the Jewish people is called_______________________________.
a) Islam b) Judaism c) Hinduism d) Buddhism
A journey for religious purposes is called a(n) __________________________________.
a) exodus b) voyage c) expedition d) pilgrimage
Canal ______________________ made farming possible in dry areas of the world.
a) plantation b) coronation c) irrigation d) rotation
The practice of raisning animals and growing crops is called ___________________________.
a) landscaping b) subsistence c) pedigrees d) agriculture
The economic system of the U.S. is called a mixed economy because:
a) both producers and consumers invest in a business b) it is both developed and developing c) it is a combo of communism and capitalism d) both government and private individuals own industries
Rome was located at the center of a long, narrow ______________________________________.
a) island b) subcontinent c) peninsula d) continent
The Roman government took a ____________________ in order to know how many people lived in the empire that they could tax.
a) census b) photograph c) vote d) moratorium
Students in Ancient Greece searched for wisdom by studying __________________________.
a) architecture b) physiology c) philosophy d) philantropy
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