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Communicating with members of the Health Care Team can be defined as:
a) The exchange of information between and among members of the health care team b) The exchange of information between residents and members of the health care team c) The exchange of written information between resident and staff d) The exchange non-verbal information between the resident and the Nurse Aide
The Nurse Aide uses all of her sense except the sense of taste when observing the resident. Which of the following observations should be reported immediately to the Charge Nurse
a) Change in residents ability to respond b) Anything unusual that happened c) Rectal temperature of 99.6 F d) Pulse of 98 beats per minute
The oral account of care provided is:
a) Reporting b) Observation c) Communication d) Documentation
In observing the resident, which sense does the Nurse Aid not use:
a) Taste b) Smell c) Hearing d) Sight
Documentation should be don using:
a) Ballpoint pen b) Pencil c) Erasable ink d) Felt-tip pen
Under HIPAA law:
a) Members of the health care team are allowed access to resident's information b) Resident's family is allowed access to resident's health information c) Resident's closes friends are allowed access to resident's health infromation d) Residents health information is not protected
1:30 converted into military time is:
a) 13:30 b) 1330 c) 1330 am d) 1330 pm
1810 converted to conventional time
a) 6:10 p b) 6:10 a c) 0610 d) 0810 pm
Objective data is:
a) Based on facts b) Information reported by resident c) Information reported by resident's family d) Based on Nurse Aides opinions
Which observation should the Nurse Aide report immediatly to the nurse:
a) Blood pressure 80/50 b) Oral temp of 98.6 c) Rectal temp of 100 F d) Pulse 82 bpm
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