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Which of these are capital resources?
a) sand, water, sunlight b) factory, trucks, land property c) shift worker, foreman, manager d) dirt, donuts, donkey
Which of these is a privately owned business?
a) Tri-county Park b) U.S. Post Office c) Johnny J. Jones Jaguars d) P.B. S. Television
Which of these statements is most usually true?
a) When product demand goes up, so does the supply. b) When product demand goes up, so does the price. c) When product demand goes up, so does the elevator. d) When product demand goes up, so does the service.
Which of these is not a service?
a) basketball b) dry cleaners c) police d) teachers
In the Preamble, the line.....promote the general welfare... means?
a) give out welfare checks b) pay for the military c) help keep everyone doing ok d) don't pick this one
Which of these founding documents came first?
a) Bill of Rights b) Declaration of Independence c) Constitution d) Articles of Confederation
Which of these documents describes how our government works?
a) Articles of Confederation b) Declaration of Independence c) Bill of Rights d) Constitution
Which of these documents was a fail and had to be done over to make something that worked?
a) Articles of Confederation b) Declaration of Independence c) Constitution d) Preamble
Which of these description of the Legislative branch is correct?
a) enforces the law b) interprets the law c) makes the law d) reads the law
Which of these does not describe a way the Legislative Branch can check the power of the Executive?
a) override a veto b) impeach the executive c) don't pick this one d) veto a law
Which one is not a precedent set by our first President
a) held an inaugural ball b) took the oath of office while holding the Constitution c) took the oath of office outside d) picked a cabinet of advisors
Which president is responsible for the Louisiana Purchase?
a) Thomas Jefferson b) James Madison c) George Washington d) Ben Franklin
Who did Sacajawea travel with?
a) The Corps of Declaration b) The Marine Corps c) The Corps of Discovery d) The L and C Corps
One of these was not a result of the War of 1812. Which?
a) the loss of Texas territory b) the burning down of the White House c) the ending of British impressment of sailors d) The Star Spangled Banner
The Indian Removal Act removed what Indians to what location?
a) Chippewa, Georgia b) Mohicans, Delaware c) Seminole, Minnesota d) Cherokee, Oklahoma
Manifest Destiny was
a) an idea that Men had a future b) an idea that the US had a future to be a world power c) an idea that the US would grow from ocean to ocean d) an idea that the US was destined to take over the world
Which of these was a 2000 mile journey to a new life?
a) Oregon Trail b) Trail of Tears c) Pony Express d) California Gold Rush
Which was started by the US as a way to get more land?
a) Oregon Trail b) California Gold Rush c) Texas Revolutioin d) Mexican American War
Who fought during the Texas Revolution?
a) Americans vs. Mexicans b) Texans vs. Mexicans c) Americans vs. Texans d) Texans vs Californians
Which of these events had the purpose to move information?
a) Pony Express b) Gold Rush c) Oregon Trail d) The Alamo
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