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What does Howie let Ramona do?
a) ride his bike b) eat his snack c) have his eraser d) sit with him on the bus
What does Willa Jean want Ramona to be when she is the beautiful lady?
a) frog b) dog c) ugly man d) be her maid
What other word does Mrs. Whaley use to describe Sustained Silent Reading?
a) Read b) Quiet c) DEAR d) Book
What friend does Willa Jean have come over?
a) Howie b) Danny c) Ramona d) Bruce
What part does Ramona play in Dress-Up
a) Frogie b) Uncle Rat c) Miss Mousie d) Toad
How does Beezus get out of playing with Willa Jean?
a) She said she was too old b) She said Ramona was already playing c) She has homework d) She was riding bikes with Howie
How does Ramona finally get out of playing the game with Willa Jean?
a) She went out and rode bikes with Howie b) She helped Mrs. Kemp with chores c) She said she has Sustained Silent Reading d) She said she had homework
What do Ramona and Howie say is the best part of the day at school?
a) Lunch b) Recess c) Bus d) Sustained Silent Reading
Why does Ramona have to play the games with Willa Jean?
a) Willa Jean is older than Ramona b) Her family is depending on her c) Howie won't be her friend if she doesn't d) She must be nice to her little sister
What does Mr. Quimby do on the dining room table every night?
a) paperwork to make extra money for the family b) help Ramona with school work c) homework d) art projects
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