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one who takes calls, receives visitors, makes appointments
a) scarce b) receptionist c) sustain d) secretary
not enough, very few
a) scarce b) scared c) sustain d) anxious
a) exasperation b) scarce c) scared d) anxious
to provide with nourishment
a) eat b) dinner c) sustain d) prompt
according to schedule, without delay
a) prompt b) early c) late d) sustain
state of being frustrated
a) ferocious b) exasperation c) worried d) sustain
to show sharp disapproval
a) reprimand b) sustain c) focusing d) violent
violent, fierce, savage
a) exasperation b) anxious c) scared d) ferocious
Who is the author of the book?
a) Mrs. McDonald b) Beverly Cleary c) Ronald Reagan d) Joanie Mitchel
Who is the main character
a) Ramona b) Beezus c) Picky Picky d) Mickey Mouse
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