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the resting potential of a neuron is actually maintained by tireless work on the part of the
a) sodium potassium pump b) sodium gated potassium channels c) electron transport chain d) voltage gated sodium channels
bones form by replacing an existing
a) connective tissue scaffold b) epithelial tissue matrix c) network of fibers d) fluid filled space
cells called _____________ build bone
a) osteoblasts b) osteoclasts c) osteomasts d) osteoflasts
cells called ________ break down bone
a) osteoclasts b) osteoblasts c) osteomasts d) osteoflasts
a presynaptic neuron releases _________ into the synapse
a) neurotransmitters b) highly charged ions c) photons d) receptors
the anatomical direction superior refers to being closer to the
a) head b) surface c) midline d) front
the large artery coming directly from the heart and supplying oxygenated blood to the body is the
a) aorta b) superior vena cava c) pulmonary artery d) common illiac
red marrow produces red and white blood cells, plus
a) platelets b) forklets c) knifelets d) spoonlets
the action potential travels down the axon in a manner akin to
a) a wave b) electricity in a wire c) water in a pipe d) a train on a track
the state of sustained, partial contraction of muscles necessary to maintain posture is
a) muscle tone b) muscle turgor c) muscle tetanus d) muscle tension
bone also serves as a reservoir for
a) inorganic salts b) ignorant cells c) internal organs d) interstitial fluid
the integrative function takes place in the
a) central nervous system b) fascicle c) synapse d) central nervous system
the anatomical direction meaning toward the midline is
a) medial b) lateral c) anterior d) posterior
bones that develop from bone shaped masses of hyaline cartilage are
a) endochondral b) epiphyseal c) intramembranous d) ossificational
when the nerve impulse reaches the terminal button it opens
a) calcium channels b) doors c) receptors d) sensory vessicles
________ bones originate between sheet-like masses of connective tissue
a) intramembranous b) epiphyseal c) endochondral d) ossificational
a decrease in size and strength of a muscle is known as
a) atrophy b) polyploidy c) hypertrophy d) hypotrophy
most of the bones in your body are
a) endochondral b) intramembranous c) epiphyseal d) ossificational
the tubes that transfer urine from the kidneys to the urinary bladder are the
a) ureters b) urethrae c) nephrons d) seminiferous tubules
the bones of the skull are examples of
a) intramembranous b) endochondral c) exochondral d) intraosseous
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