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The followers of Jesus founded a new religion called ____________.
a) Buddhism b) Christianity c) Islam d) Hinduism
Who became the first Roman emperor to accept Christianity?
a) Augustus b) Constantine c) Nero d) Caligula
Which civilization did the Romans admire and often copy their ideas?
a) the Egyptians b) the Sumerians c) the Greeks d) the Phoenecians
What was the lanugage of Ancient Rome on which many European languages are based today?
a) Latin b) English c) French d) Spanish
Which Roman emperor moved the capitol of the empire from Roman to Byzantium?
a) Theodossius b) Constantine c) Augustus d) Hadrian
What was the Eastern Roman Empire known as?
a) the Eastern Orthodox Empire b) the Constantine Empire c) the Ottoman Turks d) the Byzantine Empire
What was the name of the form of Christianity developed by the Greek-speaking Christians in the Eastern Roman Empire
a) the Justinian Church b) the Byzantine Church c) the Eastern Orthodox Church d) the Roman Catholic Church
Who claimed that he was viisted by an angel who told him to preach Islam?
a) Constantine b) Muhammad c) Saladin d) Siddhartha Guatama
What are followers of Islam called?
a) Islamists b) Muslisms c) Israelites d) Islamites
What is the Holy book of Islam that instructs Muslims about how they should live?
a) the Quran b) the Arabic Bible c) the Talmud d) the Torah
Who built the Mongol empire using a well-trained army to invade major civilizations?
a) Alexander the Great b) Emperor Tzu c) Genghis Khan d) Prince Shotoku
What were the two most popular traded items in West Africa?
a) gold ans silver b) salt and gold c) sugar and gold d) silver and sand
What is the term given to the spread of African people and culture around the world due to the slave trade?
a) African Diaspora b) African Exodus c) Out of Africa d) African Exit
Because of Japan's mountains, only about 80 percent of its land is farmable
a) TRUE b) FALSE c) d)
Who was William the Conqueror?
a) the French ruler of Normandy who conuqered all of England b) the leader of the Mongols who conquered all of Asia c) a Viking general who invaded France d) the barbarian leader who conquered the Roman Empire
What document did English nobles force King John to sign which limited the power of the monarch?
a) the Blueprint b) the Magna Carta c) the Decleration of Independence d) the Great Treaty
What was the plague that spread throughout Asia and Europe during the late Middle Ages?
a) the Black Death b) small pox c) chicken pox d) malaria
The Spanish conquistadore, Hernan Cortes, conquered the Inca, and Francisco Pizarro conquered the Aztec.
a) TRUE b) FALSE c) d)
The Renaissance was a rebirth of interest in the same subjects the __________ and ________ had studied.
a) Romans and Italians b) Spanish and French c) Romans and Greeks d) Egyptians and Arabs
Where did the Renaissance begin?
a) England b) Spain c) France d) Italy
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