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A curved segment of a path which uses handles to control the shape of the curve
a) Selection b) Warp c) Pi d) Beizer
___ Ratio - Relationship of an object’s width to its height.
a) Aspect b) Shape c) Graphic d) Line
The area of the illustration that contains the printable part of your work.
a) Preview Board b) Drawing Board c) Art Board d) Drafting Board
____ type - uses the boundaries of an area created by dragging a marquee with the type tool.
a) Selection b) Area c) Typographic d) Boarder
_____ point: basic component of paths, which appear at the start and end of every path.
a) Anchor b) Start c) Swing d) One
Used to be remembered for potential job opportunities, these containcontact information
a) Newsletter b) Flyer c) Brochure d) Business Card
A mock up or example of how the final design should appear.
a) Rough Draft b) Sample c) Prototype d) Framework
Includes items and formats common to every page and is used to maintain format consistency.
a) Master Page b) Opening Page c) First Page d) Origin Page
Non-printing lines used to help designer place objects
a) Guides b) Measures c) Margins d) Stencil
Standard pre-formatted layouts that may containa color scheme, font scheme, and pictures
a) Outline b) Blueprint c) Guide d) Template
A drawing, sketch or plan of a piece, page showing all elements in position, a blueprint.
a) Template b) Layout c) Schematic d) Outline
Running text at the bottom of a document
a) Running Header b) Running Footer c) Running Line d) Running for your life
___ Stamp - Samples and area of an image and then allows you to paint over another area.
a) Copy b) Patch c) Clone d) Duplicate
_____ path - a continuous path that has no beginning or end, for example a circle or rectangle
a) Closed b) Open c) Symetrical d) Ending
Color mode used for print
a) CMK b) RBG c) CMYK d) RGB
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