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The members of the counterculture movement were mostly;
a) white, middle-class college youths. b) entertainers, artists, and musicians. c) Latinos and Native Americans. d) poor urban youths.
During the Bay of Pigs, the United States attempted to
a) try to work with Cuba to destroy missiles. b) have peace talks with Fidel Castro. c) try to overthrow Castro and put in a government more suitable to the U.S. d) destroy all missiles on the island of Cuba.
The war might have involved only two nations, Austria-Hungry and Serbia, if not for
a) the alliance system. b) the American Expeditionary Force. c) propaganda. d) imperialism.
What strategy did the United States use to defeat Japan in the Pacific?
a) Trench warfare. b) Blitzkrieg. c) Island hopping. d) Total war.
This organization was created after WWII to promote peace, economic activity, and security for the world.
a) NRA. b) United Nations. c) North Atlantic Treaty Organization. d) NAFTA.
Which of the following countries were NOT part of the Central Powers?
a) United States. b) Austria-Hungary. c) Russia. d) Germany.
a) w b) w c) w d) w
a) w b) w c) c d) c
a) c b) c c) c d) c
a) c b) c c) c d) c
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