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The day to day conditions in an area.
a) weather b) climate c) d)
Feeding step in the food chain.
a) trophic level b) community c) biosphere d) food web
Populations of organisms and their interactions with the environment around them.
a) Ecosystem b) Species c) Populations d) Biosphere
a) 2 or more organisms living together closely b) 2 or more organisms living separately with no relationship c) d)
An abiotic factor
a) is a nonliving part of an environment. b) is a living part of an environment. c) d)
A biotic factor
a) is a living part of an environment b) is a nonliving part of an environment c) d)
The layer of Earth directly below the crust.
a) mantle b) inner core c) outer core d)
The outer most layer of Earth.
a) crust b) mantle c) inner core d) outer core
The average year after year condition of temperature and precipitation in a region.
a) climate b) weather c) d)
One organism captures and eats another organism.
a) predation b) symbiosis c) d)
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