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Used to evoke emotions.
a) Text b) Shape c) Space d) Color
Yellows, Reds and Oranges are considered what type of colors?
a) Warm b) Hot c) Heat d) Tempered
2 dimensional space.
a) Shape b) Area c) Positive Space d) Negative Space
Adding a sense of touch/feeling to a design.
a) Depth b) Contrast c) Texture d) Felt
Size/amount taken up by an element in a design.
a) Scale b) Mass c) Bulk d) Space
Shapes including leaves and cars.
a) Irregular Shapes b) Common Shapes c) Synthetic Shapes d) Natural Shapes
Shapes including triangles, Squares and hexagons.
a) Orthodox Shapes b) Natural Shapes c) Geometric Shapes d) Regular Shapes
3 dimensional space created with shadows and color gradients.
a) Form b) Depth c) Contrast d) Texture
Black, beige, and white are considered what type of colors?
a) Dull b) Negative c) Neutral d) Bland
The space left around a subject in a design.
a) White Space b) Negative Space c) Positive Space d) Rest Space
Blues, Violets and greens are considered what type of colors?
a) Cool b) Cold c) Water d) Ice
Elements in a circular path have which type of balance?
a) Symmetrical b) Asymmetrical c) Oblong d) Radial
Splitting a design into nine equal sections, placing emphasized elements along the lines.
a) Rule of Ninths b) Rule of Thirds c) Grid Rules d) Guide Rules
Variations of the same color is which type of color scheme?
a) Analogous b) Complimentary c) Chromatic d) Monochromatic
Amount of a color used
a) Saturation b) Thickness c) Volume d) Mass
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