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Augie wanted to see the motorcycles while Axel wanted to see the tractor.
a) D,I b) ID c) d)
The purple house and the pink car belong to my grandmother.
a) SV b) SSV c) SVV d) SSVV
SpongeBob and Patrick have been friends for as long as I can remember.
a) D,I b) ID c) d)
Which is NOT a coordinating conjunctions?
a) for b) to c) nor d) so
Which is NOT a linking verb?
a) are b) must c) was d) am
Which is NOT an infinitive?
a) to fear b) to like c) to plant d) to town
Tina payed for three months so that she would not have to worry about rent while finding a job.
a) D,I b) ID c) d)
Facing a tough decision, Bart resolved to do the right thing he returned the money.
a) I,cI b) I;I c) d)
Just as the whale was about to swallow Pinocchio he was saved by Mr. Cricket.
a) D,I b) ID c) d)
Theresa and Thom had been dating three years he plans to ask the question tonight.
a) I,cI b) I;I c) d)
Franklin the turtle was nervous to race yet he felt it was his duty to defend his family name.
a) I,cI b) I;I c) d)
Which is NOT a prepositional phrase?
a) to Joe's b) to home c) to dance d) to class
to think
a) propositional phrase b) infinitive c) d)
Scooby and Daphne hid from the ghost as Shaggy and Velma chased the ghost.
a) D,I b) ID c) d)
Little Red Ridinghood met a wolf out walking she stopped to talk.
a) I,cI b) I;I c) d)
Jack and Jill ran up the hill but neither made it to the top!
a) I, cI b) I;I c) d)
Even though yesterday and today are rainy it does not mean that tomorrow will be rainy as well.
a) D,I b) ID c) d)
George and his friends went to the movies and snuck into an R rated movie.
a) SV b) SSV c) SVV d) SSVV
Before I get home my kids better have their homework done.
a) D,I b) ID c) d)
Which is NOT a subordinating conjunctions?
a) after b) since c) during d) before
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