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Which of these is an example of revolving?
a) A ballerina twirling b) A mirror reflecting light c) A person walking around a chair d)
When the moon is closest to the earth it is called...
a) Perigee b) Apogee c) d)
Who was the first man to walk on the moon?
a) Neil Galileo b) Edwin Aldrin c) Lance Armstrong d) Neil Armstrong
After a New Moon, the light is coming onto the Moon called...
a) waning b) waxing c) d)
How does the moon gets its light?
a) it produces its own light b) the Sun c) nuclear fusion d) Venus
Which phases of the moon can you see half of the lighted moon?
a) quarters b) gibbous c) crescents d) full
How long does it take the moon to revolve and rotate about Earth?
a) 365 days b) 24 hours c) 27 1/3 days d) 27 years
At the __________ moon we can see all of the lit half of the moon.
a) New b) Waxing c) Full d) Gibbous
What tool do people use to see things far away in space?
a) microscope b) telescope c) binoculars d) telephone
What phases is the moon in if you cannot see the lit side of the moon?
a) New Moon b) Full Moon c) Waxing Gibbous d) Waning Crescent
What are the broad, dark, flat plains on the Moon called?
a) Oceans b) Canyons c) Mountains d) Maria
What word means throwing back light?
a) revolution b) reflection c) rotation d)
What does rotation mean?
a) spinning b) going around something c) hitting the surface d) orbiting
What does the word solar refer to?
a) Moon b) Earth c) Sun d)
What are craters caused by?
a) meteorites b) planets c) other moons d) volcanoes
What are the changing shapes of the moon?
a) Maria b) craters c) crescents d) phases
What are the round holes on the Moon's surface called?
a) meteors b) craters c) orbits d) volcanoes
Which phases of the moon can you only see a small sliver of light?
a) quarters b) New c) gibbous d) crescents
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