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Which is the best conclusion that can be drawn based on the given maps of South America? Use map resource # 5.
a) Latin America was mostly independent of Europe by 1830. b) Europe controlled the majority of Latin America fro 1700 on. c) Simon Bolivar freed Brazil from Spain. d) The countries of South America formed the Republic of Latin States.
The Colombian Exchange created a need for human resources in the Americas to work on plantations (large scale farms run as a business). How was this need met?
a) Large salaries were offered to Europeans to come and work in the Americas. b) A feudal serf system was set up in the Americas. c) Europeans imported slaves from Africa for a low cost labor force. d) European settlers worked 16 hour days to meet the demand for crops grown in the new worls.
A negative impact of the Colombian Exchange was _______________________________________.
a) the death of thousands of Native Americans from smallpox b) the Irish Potato Famine c) Spanish imperialism in Latin America d) World War I
The Inca built temples and roads that still exist today with stones they were able to put together without mortar. They had a sophisticated and advanced understanding of engineering. What conclusion can be drawn about the Inca?
a) Inca monuments, buildings, and roads were destroyed by their Spanish conquerors. b) The Inca specialized in construction of roads. c) The Inca used technologically advanced techniques to build their cities and roads. d) Inca people liked to travel from city to city on the roads they built.
The International Red Cross is best known for its __________________________________________________.
a) soup kitchens b) disaster relief efforts c) peacekeeping missions d) community support
The International Red Cross, World Health Organization, and UNICEF are known as humanitarian organizations. All of these organizations help people. Therefore, humanitarian organizations can be describe as _____________________________.
a) independent b) charitable c) lawful d) moral
What motivated Europeans to colonize and control African territories?
a) The desire to spread Christianity. b) The need for natural resources for manufacturing. c) The climate and geography. d) Free labor for their American Colonies.
What natural resource did most Spanish settlements develop by? Use resource map # 3.
a) fertile farm land b) bodies of water c) mountain ranges d) barren deserts
Mansa Musa brought fame to Timbuktu and Mali by making it a center for studying _________________________________.
a) gold b) salt c) Islam d) agriculture
Which statement is best supported by the information in the maps? Use map resource # 4.
a) Africa controlled most of Europe by 1914. b) Slavery was abolished in Africa by the late 1800's. c) Europe had imposed imperialism on most of Africa by 1914. d) Trade between Africa and Europe was very profitable between 1880 and 1914.
Islam spread to Ghana because of ___________________.
a) immigration b) colonization c) trade d) war
Which of the African kingdoms given is most likely to speak Bantu? Use resource map # 2.
a) Benin b) Ghana c) Ife d) Zimbabwe
The spread and blending of languages, religions, and other aspects of culture is known as ____________________________.
a) meeting basic economic needs b) cultural diffusion c) migration and immigration d) human-environment interaction
Which of the given coordinates is in North America? Use resource map # 1.
a) 40 degrees North; 80 degrees West b) 20 degrees South; 20 degrees East c) 60 degrees North; 20 degrees East d) 90 degrees South; 140 degrees West
One consequence of the Bantu migration was _________________________________.
a) war and conflict throughout Africa b) European colonization and iperialism c) the transatlantic African slave trade d) the spread of the Bantu language in Sub-Saharan Africa
Which of the given coordinates is in Africa? Use resource map # 1.
a) 40 degrees North; 80 degrees West b) 20 degrees South; 20 degrees East c) 60 degrees North; 20 degrees East d) 90 degrees South; 140 degrees West
On what continent is 20 degrees South by 60 West? Use resource map # 1.
a) Asia b) Europe c) North America d) South America
On what continent is 40 degrees North by 100 degrees West? Use resource map # 1.
a) Antartica b) Asia c) Europe d) North America
The United Nations' ____________________________________________________ indicates the standard of living of a nation.
a) World Health Orgnization b) Charter c) Human Development Index d) peacekeeping missions
Which set of countries has the lowest standard of living based on the information in the Standard of Living Table?
a) Argentina, Canada, and Mexico b) Argentina, Canada, and the United States c) El Salvador, Haiti, and Nigeria d) Haiti, Nigeria, and Zimbabwe
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