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The planets move around the sun in a pathway called a what?
a) solar flare b) orbit c) circle d) planet
How many Earths can fit inside the Sun
a) 1 million b) 1 hundred c) 1 thousand d) 1 billion
Which planet is the hottest planet?
a) Venus b) Mercury c) Neptune d) Earth
The darker, cooler patches on the sun are called what?
a) orbit b) Solar flares c) Sun spots d) planets
The sun makes big explosions of energy called what?
a) sun spots b) solar flares c) comets d) stars
Which planet is closest to the sun?
a) Venus b) Mercury c) Neptune d) Uranus
Mars is also known as the __________ planet
a) Red b) blue c) green d) fire
This is the only planet with living things:
a) Earth b) Jupiter c) Venus d) Mercury
The sun is at the ______ of the Solar System
a) top b) bottom c) center d) The sun is not in the Solar System
The name given to the sun and all objects moving around it is:
a) The Solar System b) The planets c) orbit d) Solar flares
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