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Characteristics or descriptions of something (e.g. texture, shape, color, mass, length)
a) Silver Surfer b) Turtle power c) nutrients d) property
Green plants that use the energy from the sun to make food for themselves and animals
a) disperse b) producers c) alligators d) Barney
Another name for rain, sleet, snow, or hail
a) precipitation b) sprinkler c) condensation d) evaporation
To make larger
a) Stop Sign b) stay the same c) decrease d) increase
The movement of an animal from one location to another as the seasons (environment) change
a) migration b) hibernation c) Sleeping Beauty d) Frog Princess
A long deep sleep in which an animal's heart rate and breathing are much slower than normal (not all animals do this in the winter)
a) nap b) migration c) hibernation d) shower
Changing of water (liquid) into water vapor (gas)
a) precipitation b) evaporation c) condensation d) groundwater
Water that moves downward INTO the ground
a) groundwater b) run-off c) batman d) green lantern
The surroundings of a living thing (air, water, land)
a) environment b) food chain c) cats d) dogs
Having fixed limits, does not change, stays the same shape or volume
a) shifting b) changing c) alternating d) definite
To get smaller or make less
a) run-off b) function c) decrease d) increase
A consumer that puts materials from dead plants and animals back into the soil, air and water
a) hibernate b) food c) decomposer d) plant
Living things that get their food by eating other living things.
a) adapt b) consumer c) spongebob d) mountains
Changing of water vapor (gas) into water (liquid). (clue: this is how clouds are formed)
a) condensation b) evaporation c) precipitation d) run-off
How a living thing reacts to a change in its environment (clue: chilly air might make you shiver)
a) respond b) consumer c) Human Torch d) Incredible Hulk
Water flowing ON the surface of the Earth
a) goundwater b) runoff c) Spider Man d) Cat Woman
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