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What does 'Televisualize' mean?
a) to devise the content and order of shots as they would be seen on television b) to adjust cameras c) to work on a TV show and be paid for every hour you work on production d) to see the TV
Editing with shots that keep up the pacing and show time progressing is called what?
a) temporal connections b) editing with shots c) logical connections d) spatial connections
Tilts move up and down. What do pans do?
a) go left and right b) go up and down c) go diagonal d) all of these answers
What rule states that the cameras should be kept on the same side of an imaginary line drawn between the subjects, so it doesn't confuse the viewers on screen direction
a) The Rule of Thirds b) The 180 Degree Rule c) WGTV Rules d) Rule of Shooting
What is the correct term for the definition: extra footage used as secondary shots, usually showing what the voice is talking about ?
a) B-roll b) QandA editing c) post-roll d) pick-up shooting
What is a three-legged device that helps you have steady shots.
a) tripod b) monopod c) steadi-cam d) tryke-cod
What is a steadi-cam?
a) a body mount worn by the camera operator b) a three-legged device used to hold the camera c) a steady shot d) all of these answers
What is a dissolve?
a) a transition is which one shot is gradually mixed with the next b) an effect that digitalizes the image c) a transition that happens instantly d) none of the above
Which term refers to music that comes from subjects in the scene or background (band playing, a radio, etc.)
a) Underscore b) Source Music c) Score d) Soundtrack
Which term refers to the process of adjusting volume during recording done by the audio technician.
a) Riding gain b) Notching c) Lowering levels d) Peaking
What term refers to naturally occurring sounds on location?
a) Acoustics b) Audio c) Ambient d) Echos
Which term refers to the properties/qualities of an area that effect how sound is transmitted?
a) Acoustics b) Audio c) Ambient d) Echos
VU meters measure sound in ....
a) decibels b) centimeters volts amps c) volts d) amps
Who creates sound effects for productions?
a) Foley Artist b) Talents c) Sound Engineers d) Audio Technicians
What is the term used to describe when distortion and noise disrupt the desired sound (often caused by too much volume)?
a) overmodulation b) peaking c) audio glitch d) audio meter
What can sound effects do for a production?
a) help simulate reality b) spark emotions c) set the mood d) All of these answers
How are microphones classified?
a) By their 'pick-up' patterns b) By their size and shape c) By their price and brand name d) By popularity
What three things make up a soundtrack?
a) Audio, video, and transitions b) Dialogue, music, and sound effects c) Singing, audio, and sounds d) Sound effects, equalizers, and dialogue
What shot will show only half of the subject?
a) Medium Shot b) Close-Up c) Wide Shot d) MCU
Editing with shots that are obviously leading to the next shot is what term?
a) wifi connection b) logical connection c) spatial connection d) temporal connection
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