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A letter format in which all lines begin at the left margin.
a) Salutation b) Open Punctuation c) Block Letter Style d) Letter Address
A letter format in which no punctuation follows the salutation or complimentary close.
a) Block Letter b) Reference Initials c) Open Punctuation d) Body
The letter message which begins a DS below the salutation (or below the subject line, if any).
a) Company Letterhead b) Salutation c) Letter Address d) Body
Contains the company name, address, and telephone number and is located at the top of the page before the dateline.
a) Company Letterhead b) Letter Address c) Inside Address d) Salutation
This is placed below the complimentary close and is the person who wrote the letter and their title.
a) Complimentary Close b) Salutation c) Enclosure Notation d) Writer's Name and Title
This is placed a DS below the last line of the body.
a) Writer's Name and Title b) Salutation c) Complimentary Close d) Reference Initials
This is placed a DS below the letter address. Example: "Dear Mr. Jones"
a) Block Letter b) Complimentary Close c) Reference Initials d) Salutation
If the keyboard operator is not the writer of the message, this is placed in lowercase a DS below the writer's name and title.
a) Reference Initials b) Complimentary Close c) Copy Notation d) Subject Line
This line identifies the topic of the letter. It is placed a DS below the salutation in ALL CAPS.
a) Letter Address b) Enclosure Notation c) Copy Notation d) Subject Line
This is started a QS below the dateline. This is the mailing information (name and address) for the letter.
a) Letter Address or Inside Address b) Company Letterhead c) Block Letter Style d) Open Punctuation
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