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Carrying capacity is:
a) The number of frogs that a catfish can eat in an hour b) The amount of elephants I see in the Saranghetti c) The amount of organisms an ecosystem can support d) The number of animals it takes to destroy the planet
Which of the following is a scientific name?
a) Procyon lotor b) human being c) k9 d) domestic dog
The two name naming system is called:
a) Dunombre llaman b) Binomial nomenclature c) Taxon taxidea d) Carl von Linne
Which of the following is not evidence of evolution
a) AIDS virus adapts to its host b) Fossils of relic species c) Embryonic organisms look similar d) A dog and a person both have black hair
The structure of DNA was discovered by:
a) Franklin and Mary Shelley b) Watson and Crick c) Gregor Mendel d) Carlos Rodriguez
A genotype describes
a) an organisms actual genes b) an organisms physical look c) whether an organism is homozygous d) if an organism is dominant
True or False: Organisms that are homozygous must be dominant
a) False b) True c) d)
The father of genetics is:
a) Antoinne LaMarcke b) Gregor Mendel c) Charles Darwin d) Alfred Russel Wallace
The following is an example of a heterozygote:
a) TT b) tt c) Aa d) XX
This cellular organelle is thought to have been a free-living organism
a) Cytosol b) Mitochondria c) Ribosome d) Rough Endoplasmic Reticulum
All living things are made of:
a) membranes b) nucleus c) Phospholipids d) Cells
Bio means
a) Study of b) Genetics c) Life d) Change
The process through which organisms with favorable genes are more likely to survive
a) Natural Selection b) Artificial Selection c) Ecology d) Heredity
All of the following are biomes except which one:
a) Desert b) Sky c) Tropical Rainforest d) Taiga
What is a statement that can be tested by additional observations or experimentation?
a) Hypothesis b) Prediction c) Theory d) Variable
What is the basic unit of heredity?
a) Cell b) Chromosome c) Gene d) Species
Energy flows through living systems from?
a) the sun, to heterotrophs, and then to autotrophs b) autotrophs, the environment, and then to heterotrophs c) the sun, to autotrophs, and then to heterotrophs d) the environment, to heterotrophs, and then t autotrophs
What pigment causes plants to look green
a) carotenoid b) chlorophyll c) NADH d) NAPH
What term describes a gene with two dominant alleles that are expressed at the same time?
a) Codominant b) Incomplete Dominant c) Mutational d) Polygenic
What characteristic is described by the following statement, The dog's coat is black
a) Dominance b) Genotype c) Pedigree d) Phenotype
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