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Antonym for: measurable, countable
a) incalculable b) implement c) intensive d)
Antonym for: abundant, plentiful
a) scant b) ambiguous c) compact d)
Antonym for: weak, frail
a) strapping b) abduct c) earmark d)
Antonym for: timid, cowardly
a) valiant b) abduct c) strapping d)
Antonym for: questionable, debatable
a) indisputable b) balk c) confer d)
Synonym for: seize, snatch
a) abduct b) balk c) confer d)
Synonym for: hesitate, block
a) balk b) confer c) maneuver d)
Synonym for: vandalize, cripple
a) sabotage b) scant c) valiant d)
Synonym for: flourish, blossom
a) thrive b) titanic c) timid d)
Synonym for: freezing, unresponsive
a) frigid b) warm-hearted c) intensive d)
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