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Where do you store cleaning chemicals?
a) close to the refrigerator b) in dry food storage area c) conveniently near food- storage containers d) away from food, utensils, and equipment used for food
The number of servings or amount the recipe makes is the:
a) Yield b) Volume c) weight d) proportion size
How are ingredients listed in a recipe?
a) By food groups b) by cost c) by amounts d) the order in which they will be used
Which type of vegetable includes cucumbers and eggplants?
a) seed b) Stem c) fruit d) flower
Which part of an egg is also known as the albumen?
a) Yolk b) White c) Shell d) Chalaza
Which nutrient found in cheese helps build strong bones and teeth?
a) Vitamin A b) Vitamin D c) Protein d) Calcium
In what part of the egg is fat found?
a) Yolk b) White c) Shell d) Chalaza
Cottage cheese and cream cheese are examples of what type of cheese?
a) Unripened b) Ripened c) Processed d)
The knife is located to the left of which utensil?
a) Glass b) Napkin c) Fork d) Spoon
Butter and lard are sources of what type of fat?
a) polysaturated b) monosaturated c) saturated d) unsaturated
What information is NOT found on a nutrition label?
a) Serving Size b) Price c) Calories d) Nutrients
When fruits are in season, how does it change the cost?
a) Price goes up b) Price goes down c) No change d)
What ingredient used in baking causes the dough to rise?
a) Flour b) Liquid c) Salt d) Baking soda or baking powder
Milk that has been heated to destroy harmful bacteria has been:
a) condensed b) evaporated c) homogenized d) pasteurized
The course outer layer of a grain
a) Bran b) Germ c) Endosperm d)
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