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a) placid b) abhor c) noxious d) talisman
lucky charm
a) talisman b) hamper c) bigot d) placid
narrow-minded, prejudiced person
a) counterfeit b) nocious c) remuneration d) bigot
payment for work done
a) counterfeit b) enfranchise c) remuneration d) kindle
fake; false
a) hamper b) counterfeit c) bigot d) abhor
calm; peaceful
a) kindle b) remuneration c) noxious d) placid
give voting rights
a) kindle b) enfranchise c) remuneration d) talisman
harmful; poisonous; lethal
a) noxious b) placid c) talisman d) kindle
hinder; obstruct
a) abhor b) enfranchise c) hamper d) counterfeit
to start a fire
a) kindle b) hamper c) abhor d) noxious
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