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Which type of line touches a circle in only one place
a) secant b) cosecant c) chord d) tangent
a conceptual drawing
a) perspective drawing b) dimensional drawing c) intelligent drawing d) isometric drawing
Which is not a test for triangle congruency?
a) SAS b) ASA c) SSS d) SSA
What type of argument proceeds logically from the premise to a conclusion?
a) sound b) valid c) inductive d) deductive
What are the parallel sides of a trapezoid?
a) legs b) sides c) hypotenuse d) bases
What type of triangle has at least two congruent sides?
a) scalene b) equilateral c) isosceles d) obtuse
What do we call the distance around a circle?
a) circumference b) perimeter c) area d) semiperimeter
What is the set of points in a plane that are a given distance from a certain point?
a) ellipse b) parabola c) circle d) square
What is a polygon with 6 sides called?
a) heptagon b) hexagon c) octagon d) nonagon
Which propery shows that A is between B and C?
a) A-B-C b) B-A-C c) B-C-A d) ABC
What is the union of a half-line and its origin called?
a) line segment b) angle c) point d) ray
What word means lying in the same plane
a) colinear b) coplanar c) skew d) concurrent
What word means intersecting in exactly one point
a) concurrent b) parallel c) perpendicular d) skew
Who first systemized geometry around 300 B.C.?
a) Pythagoras b) Hippocrates c) Socrates d) Euclid
Which is not an undefined term in geometry?
a) plane b) point c) angle d) line
What is a hexagon with parallelograms as faces?
a) parallelepiped b) hexahedron c) paralleledron d) hexapiped
what type of drawing captures real life appearance?
a) isometric b) perspective c) conceptual d) image
which is not a test for triangle congruency
a) SSA b) SSS c) SAS d) AA
which of the following are not preserved in isometries
a) distance b) collinearity c) dialation d) triangle congruency
what is the intersection of a sphere and a secant plane
a) parallelepiped b) tangent c) tangent line d) great circle
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