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What is a habitat?
a) something an organism does over and over b) the type of food that an organism eats c) the dangers than an organism faces d) the place where an organism lives
The way that an organism makes its living within the habitat is its:
a) niche b) ecosystem c) population d) species
A species of clownfish lives among the sea anemones. The clownfish protects the sea anemone from anemone eating fish, while the anemone uses stinging tentacles to protect the fish. The relationship is :
a) parasitism b) mutualism c) commensalism d) predation
Food water and shelter are provided by an organism's :
a) limiting factor b) niche c) habitat d) community
A polar bear is adapted to living in a cold environment because it has _____
a) fur and fat b) fat and claws c) cold blood and fur d) claws and teeth
The physical and behavioral characteristics of an organism that allow it to survive in its habitat are known as:
a) niches b) adaptations c) abiotic factors d) mutations
Barnacles attach to whales and filter food from the water as the whale swims along. The host whale is not affected by the barnacle. What type of relationship exists?
a) parasitism b) mutualism c) commensalism d) mimicry
Hyenas cannot hunt larger animals for food. They spend mostly on dead bodies of animals left behind by lions. Which term best describes the relationship between hyenas and lions?
a) parasitism b) mutualism c) mimicry d) commensalism
All of the organisms that live together in an area make up :
a) community b) biome c) ecosystem d) population
In which environment would most animals be nocturnal so they can keep cool
a) tundra b) northern coniferous forest c) desert d) temperate forest
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