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What is a likely cause of antibiotic resistance?
a) Overprescription of drugs by physicians b) Evolution of resistant strains of viruses c) Use of antibiotics in animal feed d) Both overprescription and antibiotics in animal feed
Why do poorer countries have a higher level of infectious diseases?
a) Few or no facilities for treating water b) Poor people worry less about health c) Infectious diseases are harder to treat because of antibiotic resistance d) All of these reasons
Which of the following diseases is cause by a virus?
a) Influenza b) Strep Throat c) Pneumonia d) Bacterial Meningitis
What is a common way in which viral diseases are transmitted?
a) sneezing b) contaminated water c) presence of spores in the ground d) all of the above
What kind of disease might you get if you let food stand too long at a warm temperature?
a) bacterial disease b) viral disease c) fungi disease d) protist disease
Why is it important to make healthy decisions as a teenager?
a) Because adults say it is important b) It is not important c) Healthier decisions often save money and time d) because decisions today affect future health
What is one possible negative effect of a lifetime of sun exposure?
a) tan skin b) excess vitamin D c) skin cancer d) soft skin
Which of the following lifestyle choices would most likely lower your risk of developing cardiovascular problems?
a) move around as little as possible b) eat food high in fat and salt c) exercise daily d) drink sodas
Which is an example of a disease caused by a protist?
a) Pneumonia b) Malaria c) Influenza d) Cold
Which is an example of a bacterial disease?
a) Pneumonia b) Malaria c) Influenza d) Cold
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