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The boy has on a blue jacket because it is cold outside.This is an example of a(n):
a) inferrence b) observation c) hypothesis d) measurement
The boy has on a blue jacket.This is an example of a(n):
a) observation b) inferrence c) measurement d) hypothesis
This is where you compare your results to your hypothesis to see if your evidence supports or rejects your hypothesis.
a) conclusion b) inferrence c) hypothesis d) guess
This is what a scientist does when they use graphs to make sense of information.
a) analyzing data b) inferring c) concluding d) hypothesis
This is what you expect to happen in an experiment based on known evidence.
a) hypothesis b) conclusion c) analysis d) inferrence
This is a possible explanation of observations.
a) inferrence b) classification c) observation d) measurement
This science process skill involves grouping things into categories based on similar characteristics.
a) classifying b) inferring c) observing d) measuring
This science process skill quantifies your observation. In other words, it uses numbers to describe an observation.
a) measuring b) observing c) inferring d) classifying
This science process skill involves using your five senses to describe what is seen, heard, felt, smelt, and tasted.
a) observing b) inferring c) measuring d) classifying
The boy wore his blue jacket on 5 of the last 7 cold days.
a) measurement b) inferrence c) observation d) hypothesis
If it is cold outside, then the boy will wear his blue jacket. This is an example of a(n):
a) hypothesis b) inferrence c) measurement d) observation
Enrique assumed animals that hibernate during winter do so because they cannot find enough food. Which scientific process is he using?
a) inferring b) observing c) classifying d) organizing data
Julio is sorting insects by whether they have wings or not. Which scientific process is he using?
a) classifying b) observing c) measuring d) inferring
Maria uses a balance to check the mass of each rock sample in her experiment. Which scientific process is she using?
a) measuring b) inferring c) organizing data d) classifying
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