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Manages the personnel relations within a company
a) Human Resources b) Accounting c) Management d) Information Technology
The “back office” and involves all the behind the scenes paperwork that must be finished in order for the transactions to be completed
a) Marketing b) Human Resources c) Administration d) Operations
Is based on four “P’s”—Product, Price, Placement and Promotion
a) Accounting b) Marketing c) Administraiton d) Operations
Shares knowledge, facts, and data to others such as co-workers, customers, and suppliers
a) Information Technology b) Accounting c) Human Resources d) Marketing
Uses a system of recording and reporting financial activity and transactions
a) Administration b) Operations c) Accounting d) Human Resources
Overall job is to make sure that the organization meets its goals and obligations in every department or function of business
a) Accounting b) Management c) Operations d) Administration
Prepares advertisements for TV, Radio, Newspapers, websites
a) Marketing b) Management c) Administraiton d) Operations
Maintains e-mail accounts, software applications, and company hardware
a) Accounting b) Administration c) Information Technology d) Operations
Does the hiring and firing of employees and the paperwork involved
a) Human Resources b) Administration c) Operations d) Management
Pays bills, taxes, collects money from customers, and purchases inventory
a) Administration b) Human Resources c) Operations d) Accounting
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