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Which of the following causes change in speed, direction, or both?
a) Balanced Forces b) Wheel and Axle c) Unbalanced Forces d) Velocity
Which of the following is not a simple machine
a) Inclined Plane b) Gears c) Pulley d) Wheel and Axle
When drawing electron configuration, you must:
a) double electrons in every empty space before moving on to the next electron space b) fill empty places first before doubling electrons c) draw a proton and a neutron for each electron d) fill each level with at least one electron before filling in second or third orbitals
Which element is least likely to bond to others?
a) Helium b) Hydrogen c) Carbon d) Silicone
The number of digits that are scientifically accepted in a number is found using:
a) Scientific Notation b) Rounding c) Significant Figures d) Metric Units
Positively charged atomic particles are
a) Protons b) Neutrons c) Electrons d) Ions
Which famous chemist's dying mother rode him 600 miles on horseback so he could attend college only to discover he wasn't accepted to that school?
a) Dalton b) Fermi c) Newton d) Mendeleev
The highest point in a wave is the
a) trough b) wavelength c) frequency d) crest
Force is equal to
a) meters times altitude b) torque times distance c) minutes per action d) mass times accelleration
A rollercoaster starts at the top of a hill with 100 Joules of energy. Halfway down the hill it has 50 Joules of potential energy and _________Joules of Kinetic ENergy.
a) 5 b) 50 c) 100 d) 25
An object in motion,
a) Will eventually stop b) Stays still c) Stays in motion d) Changes direction and speed
A screw is:
a) inclined plane and a wedge b) pulley and a wheel c) wheel and axle and a lever d) gear and pulley
According to the Law of Conservaion of Energy, the total amount of energy in the universe:
a) increases b) changes c) stays the same d) changes constantly
A slinky is an example of what type of wave
a) Longitudinal b) Horizontal c) Vertical d) Sound
The SI Unit used to measure time is:
a) meter b) kilogram c) kelvin d) second
Which item is capable of causing more damage?
a) A scooter going 45 miles per hour b) A semi truck going 15 miles per hour c) d)
When the crest of one wave overlaps the crest of another wave, what happens?
a) Constructive Interference b) Destructive Interference c) The world as we know it is forever altered d) THis is a false question as waves can never touch
You feel warm when sunbathing due to:
a) Convection b) Radiation c) Conduction d) Sunscreen
When standing at the edge of cliff you possess what type of energy:
a) Kinetic b) Thermal c) Kinesthetic d) Potential
The north charge of a magnet is attracted to ___________and repelled by ________________.
a) South, North b) North, South c) West, North d) West, East
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