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Earth's atmosphere is diveded into layers based on changes in
a) pressure b) altitude c) oxygen levels d) temperature
Which type of cloud often produce thunderstorms?
a) nimbostratus b) cumulonimbus c) cumulus d) stratus
WHat are the narrow belts of high-speed winds that blow about 10 km up?
a) westerlies b) polar easterlies c) jet streams d) trade winds
What is the most abundant gas in the atmosphere?
a) nitorgen b) oxygen c) hydrogen d) carbon dioxide
____ is the coldest layer of the atmosphere.
a) troposphere b) stratosphere c) mesosphere d) thermosphere
Wind is created by differnces in
a) air temperature b) humidity c) air pressure d) altitude
WHich type of air mass could contain warm, wet air?
a) continental tropical b) maritime tropical c) maritime polar d) continental polar
Which layer of the atmosphere is the uppermost?
a) troposhere b) stratosphere c) mesosphere d) thermosphere
_____ can be found in the stratosphere
a) stratus clouds b) ozone c) ionosphere d) exopshere
____ is the process of liquid water changing into a gas.
a) precipitation b) condensation c) evaporation d) water vapor
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