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I'm the tough outer covering on plant cells that protect the cell and give it shape.
a) cell wall b) cell membrane c) cytoplasm d) skin
Both types of cells have me, I regulate interactions with the cell and it's environment.
a) cell wall b) cell membrane c) cytoplasm d) skin
I am the gelatinlike substance where the chemical reactions occur.
a) cytoplasm b) mitochondria c) cell membrane d) nucleus
I'm an energy processing organelle, with the pigment chlorophyll I help plants process sunlight for production of glucose
a) ribosomes b) golgi bodies c) mitochondria d) chloroplasts
I am where the energy in food is stored until it is needed
a) ribosomes b) mitochondria c) chloroplasts d) golgi bodies
I sort proteins and other substances then package them into structures called vesicles to be moved out of the cell.
a) endoplasmic reticulum b) lysosomes c) golgi bodies d) ribosomes
I process and move materials around inside the cell, I can be rough or smooth.
a) endoplasmic reticulum b) golgi bodies c) ribosomes d) lysosomes
I'm do the recycling for the cell, if there is waste or worn out cell parts the cell can depend on me to use my digestive chemicals.
a) golgi bodies b) vesicles c) ribosomes d) lysosomes
We are very small, free floating or attaching ourselves to the ER. Our job is making proteins when the nucleus places his order.
a) ribosomes b) lysosomes c) mitochondria d) riblets
I'm the boss, I direct all cell activities, I am where the genetic information is found and you can find the nucleoulus with me.
a) vacuole b) lysosome c) cell membrane d) nucleus
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