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An allele whose trait always shows up in the organism when the allele is present called a(n)
a) recessive b) dominant c) d)
According to the chromosome theory of inheritance, ____ are carried from parents to offspring on chromosomes.
a) alleles b) chromosomes c) genes d) traits
In the genetic code, groups of three DNA bases codes for one specific
a) gene b) amino acid c) protein d) chromosome
Which of the following are examples of phenotypes?
a) BB, Hh, tt, Aa, dd, Rr b) smile dimples, tall height, green seeds, widow's peak c) d)
A __ letter represents the dominant allele of a gene
a) capital b) lowercase c) d)
Having two different alleles for a trait is called
a) heterozygous b) purebred c) homozygous d) mutation
Which stage of meiosis? Chromosomes line up in the center and then the single chromosomes separate and move to opposite ends
a) start b) meiosis 1 c) meiosis 2 d) end
Priest who studied pea plants; who is also known as the father of genetics.
a) Isaac Newton b) Walter Sutton c) Reginald Punnett d) Gregor Mendel
The nitrogen base that pairs up with thymine?
a) uracil b) cytosine c) guanine d) adenine
An organism's physical appearance, or visible traits is its
a) homozygous b) genotype c) heterozygous d) phenotype
RNA that copies the coded message from DNA in the nucleus and carries the message into the cytoplasm
a) messenger RNA b) transfer RNA c) d)
Which stage of meiosis? Chromosome pairs line up in the middle and then the pairs separate and move to opposite ends creating two new cells
a) start b) meiosis 1 c) meiosis 2 d) end
If a heterozygous black guinea pig (Bb) and a homozygous white guinea pig (bb) are crossed, what is the probability that an offspring will have black fur? (on the test you will use a Punnett square to show your work)
a) 0% b) 25% c) 50% d) 75%
What does the notation TT mean to geneticists?
a) two recessive alleles b) at least one dominant allele c) heterozygous alleles d) two dominant alleles
Having two identical alleles for a trait is called
a) hybrid b) homozygous c) mutation d) heterozygous
An allele that is masked when a dominant allele is present is called a(n)
a) codominant b) dominant c) recessive d)
An organism's genetic makeup or allele combination is its
a) homozygous b) genotype c) heterozygous d) phenotype
The process that occurs in sex cells (sperm and egg) by which the number of chromosomes is reduced by half is called
a) fertilization b) meiosis c) heredity d) genetics
Which of the following examples are homozygous?
a) Aa b) AA c) aa d) both answers AA and aa
The offspring of many generations that have the same traits are said to be
a) hybrid b) homozygous c) purebred d) heterozygous
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