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Who all died in the Scene 1 sword fight?
a) Romeo and Benvolio b) Mercutio and Benvolio c) Romeo and Tybalt d) Tybalt and Mercutio
When Nurse says that Romeo should be shamed for committing a murder, does Juliet agree or disagree?
a) Agree b) Disagree c) d)
Who does Juliet think is dead when Nurse talks to her in Scene 2?
a) Romeo b) Tybalt c) Mercutio d) Her father
Why does Mercutio call Benvolio a hypocrite?
a) Benvolio says he hates Capulets, yet he loves a Capulet girl b) Benvolio told Mercutio to not fight, yet he himself gets into fights c) Benvolio says that Capulets are chickens, yet he himself is a chicken d)
What does Benvolio tell Mercutio causes people to fight?
a) Heat b) Grudges c) Stupid People d)
When talking with Friar, what does Romeo say about death ?
a) It can come get them once they're married, he doesn't care b) He laughs in the face of death c) He doesn't care about his own life, so long as Juliet lives. d)
What is the purpose of the rope ladder?
a) To help Romeo escape b) To help Juliet escape c) To help Romeo to Juliet's room d) To help them climb over the wall
Friar Lawrence serves as a source of ___ to the plot.
a) frustration b) climax c) characterization d) foreshadowing
Frair Lawrence says the key to long lasting love for Romeo and Juliet is to love in ____.
a) Moderation b) Commitment c) Joy d) Fever
What reason does Juliet give for Nurse taking so long to get back from her meeting with Romeo?
a) She's old and fat b) She got lost because she's old c) She forgot the instructions and had to go back to get them again d)
When Romeo shows up the next morning, who assumes that Romeo has spent the night with Rosaline, then proceeds to make dirty jokes?
a) Benvolio b) Tybalt c) Mercutio d) Balthasar
Where is Juliet to go to meet Romeo for their wedding?
a) Friar lawrence's house b) Friar Lawrence's church c) Friar Lawrence's confessional d)
Why does Friar Lawrence eventually agree to marry Romeo and Juliet?
a) He thinks it may stop the fighting between the families b) He wants them to be happy c) He knows Romeo can't do any better than Juliet d) He wants Romeo to stop following Rosaline around
Friar Lawrence has a flower that is both a poison and a powerful medicine. He says there are 2 opposite elements in everything, in men as well as herbs. What are those 2 opposite ideas?
a) good and evil b) man and woman c) happy and sad d)
Friar Lawrence hadn't been yelling at Romeo for loving Rosaline, he had been yelling at Romeo for ____ over her.
a) Falling b) Obsessing c) Chasing d) Stalking
Fill in the blank. Romeo: I swear by the _______ I love you. Juliet: Don't swear by that, it changes appearance too often. Your love should be consistent.
a) Lord b) Stars c) Moon d) Oceans
What does Juliet say is her biggest problem with Romeo?
a) He's too old b) His name c) His reputation d)
Where is Romeo hiding?
a) Friar John's house b) Juliet's house c) Friar Tuck's monastery d) Friar Lawrence's monastery
Does Friar Lawrence think Romeo's sentence is fair or unfair?
a) Fair b) Unfair c) d)
What does Nurse tell Romeo to do?
a) Man up and go see Juliet b) Run away and never return c) Let Juliet go to marry Paris d)
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