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A large wheel fixed to a smaller wheel or shaft called an axle.
a) Axle b) Gear c) Wheel d) Pulley
Using force to move an object from one place to another.
a) Force b) Energy c) Friction d) Work
Two inclined planes placed back to back.
a) Inclined plane. b) Wedge c) Screw d) Lever
Machines with few parts that make it easier to do work.
a) Pulley b) Fixed pulley c) Fulcrum d) Simple machines
An inclined plane wrapped around a cylinder.
a) Inclined plane b) Lever c) Wedge d) Screw
A kind of wheel with a groove. Able to lift or move something more easily.
a) Fulcrum b) Pulley c) Gear d) Wheel
Rigid bar that turns around a fixed point.
a) Wedge b) Inclined plane c) Fulcrum d) Lever
Set of wheels with teeth that fit together to turn a machine.
a) Gear b) Fixed pulley c) Pulley d) Wheel
Any slanting, flat surface.
a) Wedge b) Fulcrum c) Lever d) Inclined plane
A force caused by one object rubbing against another.
a) Force b) Effort c) Work d) Friction
The point around which a lever pivots or turns.
a) Fulcrum b) Gear c) Pulley d) Axle
Push, pull, or lift.
a) Force b) Effort c) Work d) Friction
Attached to one spot. Move a load up, down, sideways.
a) Fulcrum b) Axle c) Fixed pulley d) Lever
Force applied to a simple machine.
a) Force b) Work c) Effort d) Friction
Shaft that helps turn a wheel.
a) Gear b) Wheel c) Fixed pulley d) Axle
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