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One of the higher order thinking is
a) creating b) applying c) remembering d) understanding
He presided from 1965 to 1966
a) the american educational research association b) scientific committee of education c) educational research organization d) none of them
One of the lower order thinking is
a) remembering b) evaluating c) creating d) analyzing
Bloom outlined his classification of learning objectives in
a) 1956 b) 1988 c) 1957 d) 1966
Benjamin Samuel Bloom was an
a) american educational psychologist b) scientific education c) psychiatrist d) pedagogue
Determining how the parts relate o interrelata to one another or to an overall structure o purpose is
a) analyzing b) evaluating c) understanding d) creating
Benjamin Bloom was born in
a) Pennsylvania b) Chicago c) Texas d) Houston
Bloom categorized this number of different thinking processes
a) six b) seven c) ten d) eleven
Retrieving knowledge from memory is
a) remembering b) creating c) applying d) analyzing
Making judgments based on criteria and standards through checking and critiquing is
a) evaluating b) creating c) understanding d) analyzing
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