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The layer of earth that is most dense and has the highest pressure is the:
a) mantle b) crust c) inner core d) outer core
Rocks are made from a mixture of ______________
a) minerals b) inorganic material c) both of these d) none of these
Erosion, deposition, compaction and _____________ are the steps to form a sedimentary rock
a) cooling b) cementation c) heat d) pressure
Which of the following types of rock form from volcanic activity:
a) metamorphic rock b) sedimentary c) igneous d) none of these
Metamorphic rock forms deep underground from ____________ and ____________
a) heat, pressure b) magma, lava c) sediments, particles d) none of these
This type of rock usually forms in layers on the ocean floor:
a) igneous b) metamorphic c) sedimentary d) none of these
Evidence that Alfred Wegener used to support continental drift was:
a) fossils on different continents matched up (Glossopteris, Lystrosauras, Mesosaurus) b) climate clues such as tropical plants being found in Antarctica c) rock clues like mountain ranges and glaciers lining up on different continents d) all of the above
True or False: According to the rock cycle.. any type of rock can become any other type of rock
a) True b) False c) Can be true sometimes and false other times d) none of these
Layer of earth that is broken into moving plates:
a) asthenosphere b) lithosphere c) mesosphere d) stratosphere
Layer of molten material that tectonic plates float on......
a) asthenosphere b) lithosphere c) mesosphere d) stratosphere
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