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Which colonial worker was responsible for turning animal skins into leather?
a) carpenters b) blacksmiths c) tanners d) tailors
Which colony was the first quaker settlement in North America?
a) New York b) Delaware c) New Jersey d) Pennsylvania
New York City used which river to make trade easier?
a) Delaware River b) Hudson River c) Mississippi River d) Amazon River
Philadelphia was a city built along which river?
a) Hudson River b) Delaware River c) Mississippi River d) Pennsylvania River
James, Duke of York, kept New York for himself and gave New Jersey to which two friends?
a) George Whitefield and John Berkeley b) Peter Stuyvesant and George Carteret c) George Whitefield and Benjamin Franklin d) George Carteret and John Berkeley
Which of the following is NOT one of the ways Benjamin Franklin helped improve Philadelphia?
a) He organized a militia. b) He helped to develop the first science laboratory. c) He helped to start a fire department and a college. d) He helped to develop the first hospital and library.
Which colony was home to Benjamin Franklin?
a) Pennsylvania b) New Jersey c) Delaware d) New York
James (Duke of York) split New Netherlands into which two colonies?
a) Pennsylvania and Delaware b) New Jersey and Pennsylvania c) New York and Delaware d) New York and New Jersey
Which colony's name means Penn's Woods?
a) Rhode Island b) New Jersey c) Delaware d) Pennsylvania
_______ used raw materials to make goods ranging from iron tools to barrels.
a) fur traders b) puritans c) artisans d) proprietors
Carpenters would have worked closely with whom?
a) tanners and farmers b) architects and shipbuilders c) cabinetmakers and cobblers d) shipbuilders and wigmakers
What did a cooper do?
a) made barrels b) made shoes c) made ships d) made products from animal skins
What did the Middle Colonies have a lot of?
a) rich farmland and rivers for trading b) people of all different backgrounds c) crops used in baking bread d) all of the above
Who was the most influential colonist in the Middle Colonies?
a) William Penn b) King Charles II c) Ben Franklin d) John Smith
What were the two biggest port cities in the Middle Colonies?
a) The Hudson and the Delaware b) New York City and Philadelphia c) New Amsterdam and New York City d) Boston and Philadelphia
What colony did King Charles II consider to be in his way?
a) Connecticut b) Philadelphia c) New Netherland d) New England
Which group of people were known as the SOCIETY OF FRIENDS?
a) Puritans b) Native Americans c) Dutch d) Quakers
What is another word for a craftsman?
a) artisan b) apprentice c) immigrant d) Quaker
How many colonies were considered Middle Colonies?
a) 3 b) 4 c) 5 d) 6
Which two colonies did William Penn oversee?
a) Massachusetts and Virginia b) New York and New Jersey c) New Jersey and Pennsylvania d) Pennsylvania and Delaware
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