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When I leave things on my desk and then can't find them, I get _______________ that someone stole them.
a) suspicious b) smirk c) snickered d) bamboozle
Sometimes after exercising I feel_____________ because I'm dehydrated and need water.
a) devour b) bamboozle c) uzi d) woozy
Because my neighbors don't empty their trash or clean their apartment, _____________ have begun to invade the building.
a) vermin b) snickered c) caper d) intend
The students _______________ to read Crash so they can do well on their next quiz.
a) caper b) suspicious c) intend d) claptrap
I don't like to watch someone use an ___________ in a video game because I'm against violence.
a) claptrap b) ovation c) uzi d) devour
It's fun to play a _________________ on my brother because he's so easy to trick.
a) bamboozle b) suspicious c) caper d) snickered
I could see the _______________ on her face as she looked at my shirt from the second hand store.
a) snickered b) suspicious c) smirk d) intend
I hope the young people of this world become ________________ for the environment so the earth isn't destroyed by pollution.
a) crusaders b) poacher c) vermin d) devour
After he performed his poem in front of the whole school, he received an ________________ from the audience.
a) smirk b) ovation c) vermin d) woozy
The _________________ in my cabin on the ship was so thin that I could hear the captain telling the sailors the ship was going to sink.
a) bulkhead b) caper c) suspicious d) eeriest
The school was completely empty and every light was off; it was the ____________ feeling ever.
a) suspicious b) woozy c) eeriest d) intend
After three days without food, I ________________ everything in sight.
a) poacher b) ovation c) Conestoga d) devoured
It makes me so angry and sad when I read about a _____________ killing elephants for their tusks.
a) smirk b) uzi c) poacher d) woozy
The students were acting very ______________ at lunch and began throwing food at each other.
a) caper b) ovation c) immature d) claptrap
It would be hard for me to be a _____________ because I love bacon.
a) vegetarian b) poacher c) smirk d) intend
The teacher told us she didn't want to hear any more ______________.
a) bamboozle b) smirk c) claptrap d) woozy
On April Fool's Day my students like to ______________ me.
a) caper b) claptrap c) smirk d) bamboozle
During the time of the pioneers, they used ____________ wagons for transportation.
a) claptrap b) Conestoga c) uzi d) crusader
Crash told Penn he liked his button and then ____________ behind his back.
a) snickered b) smirk c) Conestoga d) claptrap
This weekend I ______________ to clean my house, do laundry, and organize the closet.
a) intend b) immature c) devour d) eeriest
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