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To change, wander or stray from a course
a) deviate b) justify c) authentic d) substantial
Real, genuine
a) deviate b) authentic c) substantial d) magnitude
Important, essential, significantly large
a) excessive b) fluster c) substantial d) magnitude
To make nervous and unsure, upset
a) fluster b) excessive c) deviate d) substantial
Too much
a) substantial b) justify c) magnitude d) excessive
Great size or extent, great importance
a) magnitude b) fluster c) substantial d) deviate
To prove or show to be right
a) substantial b) deviate c) justify d) authentic
For my birthday, my grandparents gave me an _________________ Kevin Durant trading card. I was so excited!
a) excessive b) authentic c) justify d) deviate
During the holidays, I always eat an ________________ amount of food! With so many yummy choices to choose from, there's just no way to keep from overdoing it.
a) excessive b) authentic c) magnitude d) deviate
When I completed the short answer section of the test, I was sure to ________________ my answer with evidence from the text.
a) excessive b) substantial c) justify d) authentic
At the last second, our group decided to _________________ from the original plan and build a model instead of creating a PowerPoint.
a) deviate b) justify c) magnitude d) substantial
Some nights, I have a _________________ amount of math homework. It feels like I will never be able to get it all done!
a) justify b) magnitude c) fluster d) substantial
If none of my classmates complete their homework, we might ____________ our teacher.
a) magnitude b) fluster c) excessive d) authentic
Completing your homework on time is of great _______________ if you want to get a good grade.
a) authentic b) substantial c) excessive d) magnitude
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