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Affairs of the government and elected officials
a) political b) social c) economic d) pardon
How people relate to each other
a) pardon b) social c) veto d) impeachment
How money or land is used
a) impeachment b) political c) social d) economic
Changes to the Constitution
a) impeachment b) amendments c) Equal Rights d) naturalize
The process of bringing formal charges against the President
a) To kill suddenly or secretively b) Guarantee that all citizens be treated the same c) impeachment d) Not convicted
Guarantee that all citizens be treated the same
a) Equal Protection b) Equal Rights c) Due Process d) naturalize
The same privileges regardless of differences, like race
a) servitude b) naturalize c) Due Process d) Equal Rights
Fair legal procedures, such as fair trials and trials by jury
a) servitude b) Due Process c) abolish d) Equal Protection
Having the rights and privileges of a member of a country
a) citizenship b) acquitted c) abolish d) compassion
The separation of groups, like keeping groups of people separate because their races are different
a) servitude b) veto c) segregation d) assassinate
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