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Happy and lively in a way that is attractive
a) vivacious b) ignorance c) feigned d) intentional
A lack of knowledge, understanding, or education
a) frivolous b) ignorance c) insistently d) intentional
Done in a way that is planned or intended
a) vivacious b) insistently c) simultaneously d) intentional
The state of being happy or satisfied
a) frivolous b) contentment c) feigned d) ignorance
Not genuine or real
a) feigned b) insistently c) contentment d) frivolous
Not important; silly and not serious
a) frivolous b) intentional c) vivacious d) feigned
Demanding that something happen or someone do something
a) contentment b) insistently c) simultaneously d) ignorance
Happening at the same time
a) vivacious b) frivolous c) simultaneously d) ignorance
The ___________ rhythm of the song uplifted everyone’s mood, making them take to the dance floor.
a) feigned b) frivolous c) contentment d) vivacious
His confusion is due to his _____________ about the subject
a) contentment b) ignorance c) frivolous d) insistently
The spill was an accident and not ____________________.
a) intentional b) insistently c) frivolous d) ignorance
The couple sighed with ________________ when they finally found their dream home.
a) ignorance b) insistently c) contentment d) feigned
I ______________ being asleep when Mom checked up on me after bedtime, then I went back to playing video games when she left.
a) feigned b) simultaneously c) intentional d) vivacious
My brother often spends his weekly allowance on ______________ purchases he never uses.
a) feigned b) frivolous c) insistently d) vivacious
The alarm clock buzzed _______________________ and she reached over to slap the snooze button.
a) insistently b) simultaneously c) frivolous d) vivacious
I was very excited about my latest selfie. I updated it ____________________ on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.
a) simultaneously b) ignorance c) intentional d) feigned
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