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What structure in skeletal muscle cells functions in calcium storage?
a) sarcoplasmic reticulum b) mitochondria c) myofibrillar network d) intermediate filament network
Immediately following the arrival of the stimulus at a skeletal muscle cell there is a short period called the ________ period during which the events of excitation-contraction coupling occur.
a) refractory b) contration c) latent d) relaxation
Which muscle cells have the greatest ability to regenerate?
a) skeletal b) cardiac c) smooth d) no muscle can regenerate
In an isotonic contraction, the muscle ________.
a) does not change in length but increases tension b) never converts pyruvate to lactate c) rapidly resynthesizes creatine phosphate and ATP d) changes in length and moves the load
Rigor mortis occurs because ________.
a) the cells are dead b) no ATP is available to release attached actin and myosin molecules c) sodium ions leak out of the muscle d) proteins are beginning to break down, thus preventing a flow of calcium ions
What is the role of calcium ions in muscle contraction?
a) increase levels of myoglobin b) form hydroxyapatite crystals c) reestablish glycogen stores d) bind to regulatory sites on troponin to remove contraction inhibition
Smooth muscle is characterized by all of the following except ________.
a) it appears to lack troponin b) there are no sacromeres c) there are more thick filaments than thin filaments d) there are noncontractile intermediate filaments that attach to dense bodies within the cell
Muscle tissue has all of the following properties except ________.
a) secretion b) contractibility c) excitibility d) extensibility
Hypothetically, if a muscle were stretched to the point where thick and thin filaments no longer overlapped, ________.
a) no muscle tension could be generated b) cross bridge attachment would be optimum because of all the free binding sites on actin c) maximum force production would result because the muscle has a maximum range of travel d) ATP consumption would increase because the sarcomere is trying to contract
Myoglobin ________.
a) breaks down glycogen b) stores oxygen in muscle cells c) is a protein involved in the direct phosphorylation of ADP d) produces the end plate potential
A sarcomere is the distance between two ________.
a) two Z-discs b) I bands c) A bands d) Myosin
The ________ contains only the actin filaments.
a) A band b) I band c) myosin d) z disc
The thicker filaments are the ________ filaments.
a) myosin b) actin c) troponin d) tropin
The stimulus above which no stronger contraction can be elicited, because all motor units are firing in the muscle.
a) Wave summation b) Maximal Stimulus c) Tetanus d) Threshold Stimulus
Continued sustained smooth contraction due to rapid stimulation.
a) Tetanus b) Maximal Stimulus c) Wave Summation d) Treppe
Serves as the actual trigger for muscle contraction by removing the inhibition of the troponin molecules.
a) Creatine Phosphate b) Calcium ions c) Acetylcholine d) Acetylcholinase
Used to convert ADP to ATP by transfer of a high-energy phosphate group. A reserve high-energy compound.
a) Creatine Phosphate b) Acetylcholine c) Acetylcholinase d) Calcium ions
Contractures are a result of a total lack of
a) Calcium b) ATP c) acetylcholine d) creatine phosphate
The situation in which contractions become stronger due to stimulation before complete relaxation occurs.
a) Threshold stimulus b) Tetanus c) Wave Summation d) Maximal Stimulus
Only ____________ muscle cells are always multinucleated
a) skeletal b) cardiac c) smooth d) none of these
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